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Promoting Full Inclusion of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People in the Life of the Anglican Church.

Our mission is to move forward the debate about human sexuality in the Anglican Church and beyond by

  • Raising Awareness
  • Providing Education
  • Introducing Our Experience
  • Building Relationship

Who Are We?

Changing Attitude Australia is a group of people of all sexual orientations who support our mission. We are modelled on the example of Changing Attitude UK, now celebrating 10 years of advocacy.

Check out the Changing Attitude Australia blog!                     Changing Attitude UK
What are we doing?Changing Attitude Australia provides speakers and resources for parishes.
Changing Attitude Australia is committed to implementing the listening process in the Australian Church.
Changing Attitude Australia is creating a nationwide network of members for mutual support.
Changing Attitude Australia is inspired to dispel the darkness of doubt by bringing the light of the Gospel to those on the margins of society.What do we believe?

  1. The lives of LGBTI Christians show evidence of the Gifts of the Spirit.
  2. Our natural sexual orientation is neither a sickness nor sinful, but given by God, not chosen apart from God’s will.
  3. Loving, committed and faithful relationships are God’s ideal for
    people of all sexual orientations.
  4. Prejudice against gay people is no more acceptable than racism, or past justification of slavery on Biblical grounds.
  5. The Church is responsible to bring the Gospel’s message of
    salvation especially to the most socially marginalised.




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